Mar. 31st, 2014

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Important Fannish Thoughts:

Game of Thrones: S3 wasn't as great as it could have been and yet, I find myself excited for next week. Bring on the Martells!

Community: I have no idea why I'm still watching this show tbh. Spoilers )

Shameless: I still have yet to start watching this show and I'm not sure why that is as I'm very curious to see how they depict Canaryville so I can mercilessly nitpick it and am also amused that the title characters share my mother's maiden name. I'd say that's a coincidence but as one of the show creators grew up with my brothers - nah.

Reign: This show is so amazingly dumb and I love it. Spoilers )

True Detective: I was bored one night and caught the fifth episode of this show and was immediately hooked. I totally get the criticisms about the portrayal of female characters and the blatant ripping off of Hannibal but I loved it. The partnership between Rust and Marty just sold it. And unlike half the internet, Spoilers )

Brooklyn 99: The season finale actually surprised me!

Elementary: I am so not feeling this second season. My problem with getting into Sherlock is that sometimes the acting and story devices are so incredibly hammy as if they're going "look, I'm Pumpernickle Cabbagepatch slumming on the telly, isn't that funny?" that it just grates. It's just too "wink-wink" over-the-top as it goes on. And at the opposite end there's Elementary, taking itself so fucking seriously until you just want to give it a good shake and say "you're just a tv show get over yourself!" But no, it just gets more dry.

Hannibal: Spoilers )

Marvel & DCU: I really need to see Winter Soldier soon and I'm very hopeful that we might see a Wonder Woman movie soon. Please don't let it suck.

Harry Potter: Thanks to that interview, I have an idea for some Ron/Hermione fic dealing with their therapy sessions. And by therapy, I mean sex. I just need time to write it.

Real Life - Work, Sex, Kittens )


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