May. 14th, 2015

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It is I, Bitchet! I am not dead! Sorry if you were hoping to earn that sweet, sweet free paid time by luring me back to LJ but you should have moved faster.

Real Life Stuff

- To follow up on my exciting work stuff from my last post, I finally received my offer letter for a permanent position at the job I've been temping at for over a year.

So I work at das Boot in Inside Sales, as mentioned. I got out of the Ocean Export Gateway just in time because they decided to make that horrid hosebeast Wanda a manager. Not manager over the entire department, no. They chose some young Boyd Holbrook looking dude. We'll came him Drago. Drago is a really intense guy but considering he came here as a refugee from the Balkan wars, that's probably
to be expected. His Red Bull-and-alcohol-fueled intensity aside, he doesn't seem like the type to put up with Wanda's shit. A good thing since the week before he moved over, she was still taking people into the backroom to (literally) scream at them for "disrespecting" her.

I've also been informed by my buddy Pamela, who is unfortunate enough to have Wanda as her boss, that I have been banned from coming up to talk to Pamela because it "looks bad". Which both Pamela and I interpreted as, she really hates me and hates that she can't punish me for it. She was so
looking forward to either firing me or having me under her thumb. Poor Wanda.

So anywho, one of the temps who got a position in Ocean Export that I wanted, the Randall Park-looking dude, left. He is getting married this August and someone else was willing to bring him on as a direct hire. I'll miss him but it's a smart choice. That said, I let my current manager know that while I greatly preferred Sales, there was an opening I was qualified for in Ocean Export and I was being asked to consider it. Not by Drago, though he did ask me how happy I was where I was. And my manager tried to play it off by
pointing out that I "didn't really want to go back," which I admitted was true. But I told her "what I want and what I need are two different things," so she got the point.

And I got my offer letter, as Sales Coordinator, and will be making about 10k more a year. \o/

- Another great thing about my job is I get to work with one of the Trade Lane Managers who I find crazy hot. I call him "German Jesus" because he's German and looks like this dude.

- My brother got a job! He was part of a group that sued CPS for wrongful termination and he won. They reinstated him, at a different school, and he got a raise. No word yet on back pay but we're not too optimistic. Still, it's great news.

- Still don't know when my moving date will be.

Fannish stuff. Spoilers for season finale of Reign, next episode of GoT, and Age of Ultron. )


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