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My Graceless Heart ([personal profile] bitchet) wrote2014-02-07 04:54 am

So I read the infamous interview

Everyone will be wanking about the Harmonians "being right" (honestly, she spends more time talking about the movies than the books that it's hard to say) but I'm more disturbed by the fact that the Slytherfen were right about JKR and all her issues.

I was one of JKR's ardent defenders as many of you know but I just ... wow. It is just a mess of her projecting her insecurities all over the place.

I can't even take it seriously, tbh. It's done nothing to my feelings about Ron/Hermione, mainly my reaction is this:

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It wasn't exactly my worst fear, but I mean... if anything I get the sense that she's regretting not writing Hermione as the deuteragonist she basically was in the movies. And yes, in fiction where the protagonist is a man and the deuteragonist is a woman, it's more often the case (from... the things I'm immediately thinking of in my head) that the those two characters end up together.

But... Hermione wasn't the deuteragonist in the book. Like, Rowling just didn't write the books that way. Trying to make it sound like she is because Ron was absent for a few chapters in DH (as ... semi-pivotal as they were, I don't know, tbh Harry and Hermione didn't actually do that much in those chapters) is... kind of weird, since Hermione was in turn absent from portions of PS, CoS, PoA, and HBP. That dynamic just didn't exist at all in the books. (I do think it was more pushed that way in the movies, but given that that included stripping Hermione of some of her wonderful book quirks and faults, I'm... not so happy with it. And being really awful armchair psychoanlayzing here, but I always felt like I was seeing Hermione as someone I was or would like to be, whereas Kloves was seeing her as.... someone he'd like as a daughter. Really super idealized.)