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I am not Ned Stark, I understand the way this game is played

Important Fannish Thoughts:

Game of Thrones: S3 wasn't as great as it could have been and yet, I find myself excited for next week. Bring on the Martells!

Community: I have no idea why I'm still watching this show tbh. Hinkley is a good addition but I miss Troy and yes, even Pierce. I really don't like the send-off they gave Pierce. I'm also curious to see if Jeff/Britta will happen. Old ships die hard.

Shameless: I still have yet to start watching this show and I'm not sure why that is as I'm very curious to see how they depict Canaryville so I can mercilessly nitpick it and am also amused that the title characters share my mother's maiden name. I'd say that's a coincidence but as one of the show creators grew up with my brothers - nah.

Reign: This show is so amazingly dumb and I love it. They finally found something useful to do with NiceGuy!Bash and they realized Catherine is the real star. Also, they have apparently abandoned all pretext of historical accuracy when it comes to the fashions worn by Mary and her ladies, which makes me a bit sad but it's probably for the best.

True Detective: I was bored one night and caught the fifth episode of this show and was immediately hooked. I totally get the criticisms about the portrayal of female characters and the blatant ripping off of Hannibal but I loved it. The partnership between Rust and Marty just sold it. And unlike half the internet, I really liked the ending as it's unusual to see a gritty show like TD end on a hopeful note and actually pull it off. I can sympathize with the criticisms about the way the mysteries were handled but as it was just eight episodes rather than eight seasons, I can dig it.

Brooklyn 99: The season finale actually surprised me!

Elementary: I am so not feeling this second season. My problem with getting into Sherlock is that sometimes the acting and story devices are so incredibly hammy as if they're going "look, I'm Pumpernickle Cabbagepatch slumming on the telly, isn't that funny?" that it just grates. It's just too "wink-wink" over-the-top as it goes on. And at the opposite end there's Elementary, taking itself so fucking seriously until you just want to give it a good shake and say "you're just a tv show get over yourself!" But no, it just gets more dry.

Hannibal: I am loving this season. I totally called Alana/Hannibal even though I'm hoping it doesn't happen but I wouldn't be too surprised if it did. But I'm still thinking it's most likely a dream sequence. And having given the Bev thing a lot of thought, even though I don't think she was fridged, I do see why it feels that way. And by that I mean if she had been one of the other Lab Geeks like Rosencratz or Guildenstern, I think her death would have been handled the same way. That said, the fact of the matter is three of the four characters with the most development so far (Will Graham, Hannibal Lecter, Jack Crawford, and Abigail Hobbs) are male and of those four, only the male ones have survived the first season and are likely to see the show through its entire run. All the female characters are secondary or tertiary and of those only two are WoC and one is dead and the other is dying. So yeah, I get the criticism and I think there's a lot of truth to it.

Marvel & DCU: I really need to see Winter Soldier soon and I'm very hopeful that we might see a Wonder Woman movie soon. Please don't let it suck.

Harry Potter: Thanks to that interview, I have an idea for some Ron/Hermione fic dealing with their therapy sessions. And by therapy, I mean sex. I just need time to write it.

+ So last week I found out that DHL - the biggest freight forwarder in the world and the second biggest ocean freight forwarder in the world - planned to move part of its customer service operations overseas. This was after two of the largest steamship lines announced they would be doing the same.

And that? Is not a good sign. Between the outsourcing and the delivery drones and the self-driving vehicles, this industry will be changing radically. And it won't happen in ten years, it will probably take twenty or maybe thirty but I cannot pin my hopes on beating the clock. I really like the people at my job and it's been fun and I've gotten comfortable but I can't let "comfortable" determine how I proceed with the rest of my career.

So now I just have to figure out what next.

+ I've started using OkCupid because - to paraphrase Chandler Bing, 'I think my virginity is growing back.' So far I've had many nice messages and only one weirdo! Also, as it turns out, I'm the jerk in this situation as I keep forgetting to reply :(

+ Seriously planning on getting kittens. Like collecting boxes for them to play in "planning". I'm just waiting to see if Spring leads to any free kittens in my garage or if I should get to an animal shelter. But soon!

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