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Watch the Queen conquer

- So, something interesting that fans have picked up is that we don't know the name of Ned's mother which is odd as we literally know the name (or at least family name) of every mother of pretty much every POV character and definitely every POV character that had multiple povs. Off the top of my head, the exceptions are Brienne whose mother died when she was young, Davos, who may have been a flea bottom orphan, and Jon Snow, who knows nothing anyway.

Now, my pet theory is still that Ned's mother was a Reed and that's where the Stark babies get their warg powers. However, looking over the naming of the Stark children, I noticed that all the sons are named after someone - Robb, for Robert Baratheon, Bran for Bran the Builder, Rickon for Ned's dad, and Jon for Jon Arryn. And it's very possible that Arya is also named for Jon Arryn. Which makes me wonder who Sansa was named for?

Looking through the list of houses, the only house that could possibly fit, assuming my theory holds any water, is Santagar, a knightly House of Dorne. So, maybe Ned's mom was a Santagar and his eldest daughter was named for her. And maybe this will somehow fit into the Dornish plot. Idk, but I'm thinking there must be a reason we know everything else about the Stark house but this seemingly unimportant tidbit.

- Sophie Turner keeps mentioning how Jaime Lannister is her favorite character - seriously, every interview where she's asked this, she gives the same answer. This makes me think she knows something about what's going to happen between Jaime and his quest to find Sansa. Or that she wants to bang NCW. One or the other.

- Since the show clearly is being fed information from GRRM in case they surpass the books, it's made me start to wonder about the areas where they choose to diverge from canon (killing off both Mrs. Starks at the Red Wedding) and where they choose to give more information than canon has currently provided us with (like Cersei confirming Jaime/Brienne) so I've been wondering how we should interpret Sansa/Tyrion as portrayed in the show?

In the books, it's hard to see the pairing as positive as Tyrion is such a whiny Nice Guy about it and Sansa is so very traumatized but on the show, they actually have cute little moments together. On the show, I actually ship it. (I blame Peter Dinklage and [personal profile] dollsome for this.) And while it's easy to say the show did it to appease the actors, I'm starting to wonder if they know something? Not even so much that Tyrion/Sansa is actually endgame but even that there will be some sort of reunion or teamwork and the show wanted to lay that foundation before separating the two for a few seasons.

- First things first, I really hope Lady Stoneheart makes her appearance this Sunday because the Easter jokes will be hilarious.

- So, what are they going to do for Jeyne Poole? We literally have not seen her since the pilot episode, nor did we even get her name so I'm not entirely sure the girl Sansa was giggling with was Jeyne Poole. Some fans think the Miranda introduced last episode will be Jeyne but I think it's more likely she'll go the way of her buddy Tansy in a few episodes.

(Also, considering it's uses, Tansy is a fucked-up name for a baby.)

So will they reintroduce her randomly? Or will they use someone else and, if so, who? I thought last season they were just going to combine both Jeynes and use Talisa but that's not happening. Some thought they'd try to pass Ros off as Sansa (which wouldn't work anyway as every man in the North knew Ros but whatever) but clearly that won't be happening. Will it be this new Miranda? Will it be Shae? Ygritte? Will Sansa get a new bff at the Vale - mayhaps Mya Stone - who is sent North to be the fake!Arya?

I'm even wondering if they'll just use real!Arya but I can't figure out what that will do to the Bravos plot.

- I am still not sure what they're going to do with Shae. It's very possible they'll have Tyrion kill her but I'd be very surprised given the way they've written Shae and Tyrion. I'm also wondering if they won't have Bronn be the big betrayal and maybe Shae will live. But if she does live, what then?
+ Go to the Vale with Sansa and what, get framed for Lysa's murder?
+ Go North to be fake!Arya?
+ Take Tysha's place in "wherever whores go?"

I really think she'll completely take Tysha's place, as Tyrion's first wedding hasn't been mentioned in a long time and when it was, the parts that both Tyrion and Jaime played were left out. So maybe Jaime gets Bronn to hand over Shae (Bronn's betrayal and Jaime's), Cersei has her tortured for information after Joff's death until Shae breaks and turns against Tyrion (fulfilling Cersei's 2x06 threat to Tyrion - "I want you to know what it is to love someone, to truly love someone, before I take her from you.") and Tywin gets rid of her either by killing her or having her dumped in some whorehouse in the Free Cities, prompting Tyrion to kill him.

And possibly Shae. But, again, I'll be shocked if the show goes there.

- And wtf will they be doing with Bronn if he's actually the one that betrayed Tyrion? Will he still go on a roadtrip through the Riverlands with Jaime since he's replacing Ilyn? Or will he get paid off by Cersei, stay in King's Landing and Brienne will join Jaime in ineffectually searching for Sansa? Or... I have no fucking clue what they'll do with that plot point, tbh. Maybe it will be the Jaime and Edmure roadtrip while Brienne hangs out with Gendry.

- Speaking of wtf is this show even doing - what will be happening with Yarasha and her Kingsmoot if she's off trying to save Theon's ass? Maybe she'll take the place of Arya in the fake!Arya plot though, clearly, they can't pass her off as Arya so Ramsay will have to present her as the daughter of another great house which would probably be good enough for someone so insecure about their bastard status. That would make the escape from Winterfell even more poignant, I guess, but won't mean shit for rallying the North.

- Also wondering how much of the Greyjoys and Martells we'll actually be seeing and what they'll be doing with the other Tyrell children. Since Willas and Garland allegedly have big parts to play they're either going to have Loras working overtime or introduce some younger brothers/cousins/uncles who will take over for the part Willand has in the future. Ellaria could probably replace a few of the Sand Snakes but we better get Arianne and Doran and they better not be fucking white. And the Greyjoys? I guess they'll combine Euron and Victarion and Aeron can hate him twice as much!

And that's about all for this post. In real life, I've been doing so many phone interviews and OKC chats that I expect to get them hilariously confused at some point.

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