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Boys only want love if it's torture

Finally got my computer up and running so I am still working on responses to the last post. Thank you to everyone who commented or just read my long wall of whining text.

Real Life:

- We had Thanksgiving at work today so everyone brought in an item and we ordered a turkey and all sat in the conference room to chow down. Being the attention whore that I am, my first thought was to do the stuffing so I asked my brother for the ~secret family recipe~ (aka Basic Yankee Stuffing) and he offered to make it for me since he was making some for a few friends and for next week! Awesome.

Except not.

He made my work batch first and, thankfully, did so in a separate batch from the rest. I say thankfully because apparently the pre-made chicken broth I had bought had gone rancid and he had dumped it in to the stuffing without smelling it first. He brought me what was left in the carton along with the completed stuffing. The smell of the broth in the carton was so
bad that I actually cut it open to examine the inside because I could not understand how it happened. It had not been opened before and the expiration date was June 2015. Unfortunately(?), I had to rule out mold as there didn't appear to be anything growing in the carton.

The five pounds of stuffing he'd made smelled fine and he said he'd had some over an hour ago and felt okay so I was hoping somehow, magically, the stuffing would turn out and whatever had gone wrong had been killed during the two-day cooking process. So I had a plate.

It tasted fine, if a little salty. It did seem a little off but I wasn't sure if it was the rotted meat stench of the chicken broth still lingering in my nose or my own paranoid brain. I kept eating. After about six or seven bites with me holding it in my mouth like I was at a wine tasting I figured out that it wasn't the taste, it was the aftertast that was the biggest issue.

I became certain of this after I burped and my mouth was filled with pure foulness that was no longer hidden under Accent and sage.

So into the trash went five pounds of food.

And I spent five hours last night after work whipping up my own batch of stuffing (using bouillon cubes for the broth) and baked mostaccioli. Both of which were a hit at work.

The Important Stuff

Which, of course, is TV and other fandom-y things.

Selfie: Good night, sweet prince. I really wish this show had been on NBC as it would have at least had two or three seasons no matter how shitty it became.

Fuck you forever, Dan Harmon. Harold and Amy Pond had amazing chemistry and I was growing to love her character. Also, John Cho looked a-mazing in equestrian gear.

The Walking Dead: Is actually kind of good! I stopped watching in the second season because all the women were crap, Andrea was becoming crap, Shane was still alive, and all the black people were dead. But mainly because of Shane, I hated his ass. Now, there are actually a few badass
female characters and *several* black characters who will sometimes be in the same scene together! It's madness.

Reign: They mentioned the fighting between the Protestants and Catholics, the Bourbons, and Claude! It's just so precious when they mix real history in with teenage soap.

Elementary: TPTB, being morons who hate joy, have decided to stress that there is ABSOLUTELY nothing sexual or romantic between Watson and Holmes. My only solace is that Johnny Lee Miller has decided to disregard that interpretation of Sherlock's feelings for Joan.

Sleepy Hollow: I am honestly okay with the inclusion of Katrina and Hawley as I love the idea of a whole group working together beyond just Abbie and Ichabod.

However, I am not onboard with the sidelining of Jenny and Irving and I think Joe Corbin Jr. and Ichabod's historical reenactment friend would have made better additions to the group.

How To Get Away With Murder: My thoughts on #whokilledsam.

Blonde Paris: I'm onboard with the theory that she's Sam's first wife whom he left for Annie. It would explain a) her weird moments with Sam b) Annie's weird outburst of contempt for her and c) the way Annie focuses on Sam's first wife and how she seems to identify with her. Anyway, it's possible she confronts Sam about Lila and Annie and everything, they argue, and Bonnie decides she's had enough of him. The kids stumble upon the scene while Bonnie works on her alibi with Asher.

Rebecca: Her backstory with Lila didn't just give her depth, it might be the most genuinely caring relationship on the show so far. She goes to plant the bug, Sam catches her, they argue/struggle and Rebecca kills him. Wes arrives and decides to help her get rid of the body while Michaela flips out.

Michaela: Basically a twist on the above. Michaela arrives in time to see Rebecca struggling with Sam and either tries to help or Sam spots her and she's forced to defend herself, killing Sam in the process. The Scooby crew arrives, Rebecca explains what happened while Michaela goes catatonic, and (possibly with the help of Annie or Bonnie who stumble upon the scene) they dispose of the body.

Annie: This is my crazy theory. Annie started planning his murder from the start because she knows he's dangerous and that he killed Lila, she may even have proof. Her defense of him is her creating her own alibi from the start. That's why Frank did the crappiest planting of evidence in broad daylight ever and why Annie's making a show of pushing Bonnie away and insulting her in public. However, for this to work, Bonnie has to be in on it in which case, last week's little scene, Bonnie is the hammiest actress ever.

So what do you think?

Finally, the real-life whodunit on the Serial podcast.

Here are my best guesses on this one.

Adnan did it. Pros: He definitely had means and opportunity. The motive is flimsy as by his own recollection, he can't remember being that hurt but I only have the vaguest memories of the things that sent me into a rage as a hormonal teenie. However, by his own admissions, he did
smoke weed and it's possible he did some harder drugs, like or PCP, got fucked up, met up with Hae, they fought and he killed her. Cons: They never mention him doing harder drugs. Also, he had moved on to another girl so the idea that he would be so hung up on Hae seems odd and if he was the type of guy to still nurse a grudge (not to mention kill someone) wouldn't someone have mentioned that by now? People really don't snap, they usually give lots of warning when they're about to go off the edge. Finally, while I was also confused about why he couldn't account for his time, the defense attorney made a good case for why he wouldn't be able to - innocent people generally don't think about that. The fact that the Innocence Project has taken him on as a case also makes me doubt his guilt.

Jay did it. Pros: He knew Hae, he had means, and, most damning, he knew where to find Hae's body. Also, he knew of Leakin Park, he ran with some rough people, and he doesn't seem like the most stable fellow. Cons: However, if Adnan has a motive problem, then that's doubly true of Jay. We don't even know how well they knew each other beyond having some of the same people in common. The only thing I could think of is that Jay and Hae had sex, she threatened to tell Stephanie, Jay flips out and kills her. But if that's the case, why isn't it mentioned in her diary? Another possibility is that Hae knew Jae was "stepping out" on Stephanie, threatened to tell her and Jay killed her. But this theory has nothing to support it. So far, he has no motive.

Jay didn't do it but he knows who did (and it's not Adnan). Pros: Jay knew where to find Hae's body so he likely knows who killed Hae. Also, I have a hard time buying that the guy who wanted to stab someone for lolz - and their own good - would be afraid of Adnan who, by all appearances, is your basic rebellious teenie. Given Jay's admitted suspicion of authorities, it would be feasible that he would have no confidence in their ability to protect him or even Stephanie so when confronted by the cops who have something that ties him to the scene - Jay lies, pinning the crime on Adnan. Cons: Who is this mystery killer? Don? Someone else? Why Hae? Did she get mixed up in something or was she just an innocent bystander? How does this mystery killer connect to both Hae and Jay?

Jay didn't do it nor does he know who did it. Pros: Jay has a lot of good reasons not to trust the police and maybe his own admission that he doesn't is the biggest tell. The police have a body, no solid leads except maybe a fingerprint on a bottle of brandy at Leakin Park. They start pressing on Jay, telling him they have enough evidence to link him to the crime and he's going to jail for this unless he starts talking. Jay is smart enough to know that their case against him is weak but also smart enough to know he'd be a fool to gamble on that. The police grill him and this "theory of the crime" starts to build and then they have enough to record Jay's confession. Jay's shame, anger, and denial explains his own statements after the fact. Cons: They don't think there was any impropriety in the police's handling of the case.

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