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Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors

Work Stuff

+ Because I am deeply paranoid as well as neurotic, I am almost afraid to mention this as I feel like it will jinx it but that's illogical so - I got a new job within my current company! \o?

This one is with Inside Sales, which is both exciting and terrifying. The manager I interviewed with had nothing but good things to say about me - she said I was knowledgeable, personable, and she liked my follow-through. I will be dealing with customers but it will build on what I already know so I will start on just creating price quotes for them for various Ocean Services as provided by my company, which we will call das Boot. She says if there are customers that really like me, I may move into sitting in on sales but right now it will be behind-the-scenes which is fine with me. Also, I am still a temp because this company will keep people temps for 1+ years but hopefully this is the position that moves me from temp to perm.

It's scary but as it's tough to move out of Operations into anything that's not Warehousing/Delivery, this is a great opportunity for me. Amusingly enough, I actually applied for one of the Warehousing jobs as a Dispatcher. The Sales one wasn't even posted. But the Warehouse people already had someone internally so the manager passed it on to the Sales manager and she came up to talk to me two weeks ago.

+ I will really miss my current group as the above does mean moving to the building next door. For the past few months, the song around the office has been "Let it Go" or, our version "Let it Roll!" (Roll meaning a shipment being delayed to the next sailing.)

Of course, what's inspired this song is the fact that this place has become something of a clusterfuck in the past few months. Since October we have:

a) Switched the entire US operations from the 24-year-old AS400 system to a web-based system.
b) Changed the entire work-flow for Ocean operations with a service center on the East Coast doing much of the work that was originally done by our branches across the country.
c) The above two resulting in long delays for freight. I'm talking freight from November still sitting in warehouses waiting to move. Customers are pissed, overseas is pissed, people are quitting if they haven't been laid off already.
d) And among those who have quit since October has been two co-workers, my manager (we will call her Melissa), and the manager above her that she reported to (Linda, for the hell of it). Melissa and Linda left right at the end of the year, with Melissa giving us two weeks notice and Linda not even saying anything until the day she left. Of course, by then we'd already figured out what was going on.

And here I should mention that one of the co-workers that left was Melissa's bff, Zofia.

So with two managers leaving, another (who had been between Melissa and Linda on the food chain) who had left in September, the manager's bff leaving, and this whole centralization process, people were freaking out enough. That there's a strike on the west coast, bad weather on the east, and a new system that is constantly having issues and failures, it was just hard to care much about freight that had been sitting in the warehouse for a few months.

And this department still doesn't have a manager. The former manager, Tom, came back to babysit and help out but he's way too high up on the food chain to come back for this job. The more time that passes without that job being filled, the more worried I am that Melissa's other bff, Wanda, is going to make her move to get the manager job. And Wanda is, without a doubt, the absolute worse choice for the position. Even worse than my fellow temp, Peggy Sue, who has to be the most exasperating person alive. Seriously, I want to throttle that woman at least once a week but she pales next to Wanda. Wands is rude, entitled, phony, doesn't even know shit about the industry. But she does know how to kiss ass and Melissa - who I liked otherwise - was a total pushover and enabled this bullshit. And now we're stuck with her.

Or they are. The possibility of having Wanda as a boss was enough to make look at other open positions at das Boot.

That said, if they do make Wanda manager then I don't care what they said about not closing this office or moving it the centralized service center, that is clearly what they are going to do. There is no other reason to put someone like her in a position of power unless its to set this place up for failure.

+ On that note, I'm trying to be less of self-sabotaging idiot because I really want to do well in this job. So, one of the things I'm doing is reading a bunch of self-help books about my career. Yes, I am now one of those people. First up, The Now Habit.

Other Life Stuff

+ I had been spending a lot of time working on my Spanish, aided by my co-workers who like to help me with my Spanish as they find my gringa pronunciation entertaining. I'm still not comfortable enough to speak it but I do understand it and answer in English. Also, I've been playing Trivia Crack in Spanish to keep it interesting.

I was also trying to learn German and, for fun, Irish. I never appreciated how similar Spanish and German are to English until I tried Irish. JFC. With the new job I may focus more on German as, again, German company a speaking Deutsch doesn't hurt when it comes to moving up the ladder.

+ Remember how my house was being foreclosed? Yeah, well, that's still happening. We'll probably have to be out by summer. This is fine with me, I'm already looking at some places walking distance from work that I might want to move to. I am a little worried about my brother, however, as he still hasn't found a job. Also, sometimes he talks like he still wants to save the house which is just so damn stupid.

+ And I don't know if I mentioned it before but some friends of my brother's have moved in upstairs. They're dudebros in their early 20's and you wouldn't even know they're there until the weekends when they throw very loud parties with their very intelligent friends who can't seem to figure out that the extremely loud music is not coming from my apartment and they try to come in and can't figure out why the door is locked.

The dudebros also like them a very eclectic mix of music. I'm talking rap, country, 90's pop, and Taylor Swift. "Blank Space" seems to be their party anthem as they will play it at least once during the weekend and sing along. Yes, I am serious.

However, this weekend, they decided to mix it up a bit and instead played the below song at 6am on Saturday:

One of them even knew all the words!

+ Kitties! I have not posted about the kitties in ages so below are pictures and updates.

Here is Max or "El Gordito" as I sometimes call him. He's a rather stout little fellow and I'm not sure why as he's definitely the more active of the two. When not moping by the doors and "mrrowing" and sadly because I won't let him go to the parties upstairs, he likes to sneak out and visitmy brother's apartment, run through the halls, jump on Oscar, and gallop around the house at full speed.

And here is Oscar. As he is thinner and has a shorter coat than Max, he gets cold easily so when not lounging on the radiator he likes to try to burrow into my chest for warmth. He also likes being turned into a Purrito, as pictured above. He's not as adventurous as Max but he does like to "hide" under the shower curtain by just sticking his head under the shower curtain. He's very surprised that I always find him. Also, he doesn't meow much, he just meeps like Beaker from the Muppets.

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