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Come prepared to fight

It is I, Bitchet! I am not dead! Sorry if you were hoping to earn that sweet, sweet free paid time by luring me back to LJ but you should have moved faster.

Real Life Stuff

- To follow up on my exciting work stuff from my last post, I finally received my offer letter for a permanent position at the job I've been temping at for over a year.

So I work at das Boot in Inside Sales, as mentioned. I got out of the Ocean Export Gateway just in time because they decided to make that horrid hosebeast Wanda a manager. Not manager over the entire department, no. They chose some young Boyd Holbrook looking dude. We'll came him Drago. Drago is a really intense guy but considering he came here as a refugee from the Balkan wars, that's probably
to be expected. His Red Bull-and-alcohol-fueled intensity aside, he doesn't seem like the type to put up with Wanda's shit. A good thing since the week before he moved over, she was still taking people into the backroom to (literally) scream at them for "disrespecting" her.

I've also been informed by my buddy Pamela, who is unfortunate enough to have Wanda as her boss, that I have been banned from coming up to talk to Pamela because it "looks bad". Which both Pamela and I interpreted as, she really hates me and hates that she can't punish me for it. She was so
looking forward to either firing me or having me under her thumb. Poor Wanda.

So anywho, one of the temps who got a position in Ocean Export that I wanted, the Randall Park-looking dude, left. He is getting married this August and someone else was willing to bring him on as a direct hire. I'll miss him but it's a smart choice. That said, I let my current manager know that while I greatly preferred Sales, there was an opening I was qualified for in Ocean Export and I was being asked to consider it. Not by Drago, though he did ask me how happy I was where I was. And my manager tried to play it off by
pointing out that I "didn't really want to go back," which I admitted was true. But I told her "what I want and what I need are two different things," so she got the point.

And I got my offer letter, as Sales Coordinator, and will be making about 10k more a year. \o/

- Another great thing about my job is I get to work with one of the Trade Lane Managers who I find crazy hot. I call him "German Jesus" because he's German and looks like this dude.

- My brother got a job! He was part of a group that sued CPS for wrongful termination and he won. They reinstated him, at a different school, and he got a raise. No word yet on back pay but we're not too optimistic. Still, it's great news.

- Still don't know when my moving date will be.

- As my music choice may indicate, Empire was one of my faves this year. My only complaint was that it moved too fast but I guess they were worried about getting cancelled so they rushed thing to tell the story they wanted. I hope next season they spend a bit more time developing things.

And lol to the media's reaction that people will watch shows that aren't lily white or white at all. Just wow.

- Very happy for the renewals for Black-ish, Agent Carter, and Fresh Off the Boat. The first was a lock as it's consistently in the top ten and the last has been solid in the ratings but the Agent Carter renewal shocked me. As it looks like Hayley Atwell is very
fairly twitter-savvy, I'm sure she's seen the #diversifyagentcarter tag. Hopefully, ABC takes the hint.

- The Walking Dead was actually not entirely shit this season! Mostly thanks to Carol. I'm pretty confident Carol is going to win the Iron Throne.

I was sad to see Beth, Tyrese, and Noah go. I actually kind of shipped Beth and Noah a bit and was hoping to see her take him under her wing and get to be the toughened warrior to his wide-eyed newbie. But why do that when you can kill her off for Daryl's manpain? At least it wasn't Carol or
Michonne. They better live forever.

- Reign continues to be a hot mess. I cannot believe I tried to be optimistic about that idiotic rape plot. I thought maybe it would lead to some totally-ahistorical-but-nonetheless-badass scenes of Mary learning to wield a sword or Catherine teaching her the fine art poisoning and luring her to the Dark Side. I was thinking maybe we'd see a new, harsh Mary and watch her and Francis at odds over the right way to rule as well as prioritizing Scotland and France.

But no, we get Mary made stupid and weak by rape. I wasn't even that against her relationship with Conde-the-Mouthbreather in theory but omg the execution was painful. Pretty as he is, Sean Teale is a bad actor even by CW standards. He did okay when he was being Conde-the-Womanizer or Conde-the-possibly-evil-King-Consort but the whole love story was him just giving his Blue Steel best while Mary whimpered and looked sad. Christ. And this is the CW girl power answer to GoT?

At this point, I just want Narcisse to be revealed to be evil and poisoning Catherine thus explaining her case of the stupids, then for Narcisse to die and he can take Lola with him as she adds even less to the show than Claude, for Elizabeth to kill Conde for the lolz and become bffs with Mary, for Mary to actually try being a queen, for Castleroy to become a pepper pirate and be reunited with Madame Greer, for Basherine, for Francis to survive his earache just to piss off his haters, and for Kenna to becomequeen of Russia or something equally nonsensical.

- Speaking of using rape as shorthand for actual character development, I am not too sure about where Game of Thrones is heading with Sansa. When both the Reddit side of fandom and the Tumblr side of fandom are worried this plot line is a big mistake, that should be a warning. I could accept that Sansa being petulant and rather open about her petulance is actually a clever ploy as acting like a bratty teenage girl is what Roose would expect under the circumstance. What I can't understand is why, after meeting Myranda's creepy self, Sansa would decide that listening to her and walking into the creepy-ass kennel is a good idea. I really hope she expected Nymeria to be in there because otherwise, what the hell, how is she going to survive being married to Ramsay if she's doing dumb shit like

Also, a little worried about how Dorne will go. Not entirely sure why they couldn't have Ellaria the pacifist vs. Arianne the hothead, with each trying to get Doran and Myrcella on their side. Right now, the only good things about Dorne - aside from Indira Varma and Alexander Siddig - might
be the Jaime and Bronn roadtrip. And the possibility Myrcella is being set up as the younger-and-more-beautiful queen.

Otherwise, Braavos looks cool, Stannis is weirdly hot, Jon Snow is finally being somewhat interesting, hardass!Dany having a family barbecue with the kids was great, Brienne's journey is better than it was in the books and I say this as someone who loved her journey in the books, and the greyscale and High Sparrow plots are probably the best parts of the show right now, for me. Also, Missandei/Grey Worm 4eva! Seriously, they're cute and I'd rather have them than Dany mooning over Daario.

- And speaking of agonizing romantic subplots, I went to go see Avengers: Age of Ultron last weekend. Now, I am not a Joss Whedon fan but I'm not a hater. I'm more of a Joss Whedon agnostic. I never got into Buffy or Firefly or Dollhouse or any other show and I actually fell asleep trying to watch the first Avengers. A few times. I still haven't seen the entire movie. So I wasn't sure what to expect going into this and was hoping to at least have something to laugh at with my friends after the movie.

I have to say though, I liked it. Joss' style doesn't always lend itself well to romance and he really needs to get over his issues with focusing on how ~tiny but strong~ his female leads are and their medically traumatic past. But this movie seemed much more focused even though it's objectively more bloated. I liked how the Maximoff twins were handled and as they couldn't include the Magneto backstory, I thought the one they used in the movie worked very well. Thor and Steve, especially, were better written. And while I was sad that Natasha didn't lift the hammer, having the Vision do it and do it at that moment made sense. Also, Joss found a use for Clint, the most useless Avenger. So Kudos to him for that.

As for Natasha and the Hulking Widow or whatever this smush name is, it had some good points? I though their flirting scene at the bar was cute but I kept wondering what had been cut from the movie. One of my friends wondered if Bruce and Nat were already friends with benefits which would explain the shower scene and possibly everything else as I was wondering why on earth Natasha was focused on her inability to have kids. Wouldn't growing up in a Russian ballerina cockfighting ring and killing innocent people be higher on the "I'm a monster" list? Even with the whole creating life/acting like God theme, it was just a clumsy moment.

Finally, as God as my witness, I swear that the first time I saw the trailer, it had Tony saying he would be a "benevolent tyrant" while trying to lift the hammer. Does anyone remember this? The primae noctis line was just weird and even more so when watching GoT after where Roose tells
Ramsay just how he met his mother. Oof.