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My Graceless Heart ([personal profile] bitchet) wrote2015-07-15 07:48 pm

You are flesh and blood!

- The long-awaited move is done! The house went up for auction in late June and while the sheriff wouldn't officially be kicking anyone out until Septemberish, I decided to get going. I wound up at a complex I had my eye on for a while and the best part is - it's 5 minutes from work. No more two hours in traffic for me \o/

The next hurdle is decorating the place. I can paint but can't get rid of the wall-to-wall carpeting. I still have a few ideas but it will take a while before I get the place looking how I want it.

- The cats have finally settled in. The little one still races across the patio window every once in a while as he's spooked by it. And my fatty cat loves nothing more than rolling around on the carpeting - it's probably his favorite thing about the place. They have taken to the change well but still have their moments of acting out such as:

- Crying because I wouldn't let them sleep in the dishwasher
- Crying because I was running a bath (and then because I was taking a bath).
- Crying because I wouldn't let them chew on the power cord plugged into the wall.
- Crying because they saw another cat in the mirror that kept staring at them.

And, of course, the occasional skirmish with the blinds.

- Work has been fine.Wanda, my former-coworker from hell has left. Word is she's working with another company in Customer Service - the perfect punishment.

As for me, I've been working with my German Intern, Alena. A big aspect of my job is training the rotating German interns that come through here. Alena came in late February and will leave in August. I will be sad to see her go, she's very pleasant and always has an interesting story to tell about her misadventures in America which so far include:

- Being harassed while waiting for a bus near the United Center. Some dude drove by and told her to get in his car. When she refused, he got out and tried shaking her and yelling at her to get in his car. At that time the bus arrived but the driver thought the crazy guy was with her and refused to let her on. Luckily some other passenger decided to stay with her to wait for the next bus and the guy who was harassing her just left.

- Going to White Castle with her German intern buddies because they believed White Castle had the best hamburgers ever. The best part is that at first, they tried to convince themselves these were in fact the best hamburgers ever because they were all afraid to admit they didn't like them.

- Found an apartment (via Facebook groups) in Scotland for her next internship. Sent them $700, via Western Union, when they asked for several hundred more to be wired to their "lawyer in Nigeria". Yeah. On the bright side, I taught her how to do a reverse image search so she can find the sources of any pictures posted online. The pictures for the alleged apartment consisted of two showroom photos and one photo from a popular inn.

- Our boss (Sally, for the hell of it) - who is "so American" according to Alena due to Sally's tendency to speak very loudly, smile all the time, and be very health-conscious - decided that Alena should date another German intern who was stationed in our NY office. Sally didn't just suggest that, she had found Mr. Right, she made Alena call him and had even given her "things to talk about." Best of all? Sally had already spoken to NY intern so when she called - as instructed - he answered with "Alena? Yes, I know you. You're the one Sally wants me to date."

Sally has told Alena that she would like to be invited to the wedding.