bitchet: obama looking off into the distance (◊| this tired world could change)
My Graceless Heart ([personal profile] bitchet) wrote2016-11-09 02:59 pm

What Hillary Did “Wrong”

According to my Trump supporting family who had no issue supporting her husband in the 90′s:

- She had the Mothers of the Movement on stage with her.

- She supported BLM.

- She talked about “systemic racism” and white privilege.

- She did not make enough concessions towards white people and white men in particular.

- She got up on stage and hugged a man they hate beyond all reason and whose past 8 years in the Oval Office they see as a very affront to them.

This isn’t about Hillary being imperfect or not being liberal enough. This is about Hillary having the audacity to tell white people “you’re not the most important people here” and that was a slap in the face they couldn’t ignore.

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