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Title: In Front of Me
Number: 002. Middles
Rating: R for language and sexual themes.
Length: 2400+
Character: Draco Malfoy, Asteria Greengrass, a bunch of OCs
Warnings: Deals with suspected infidelity. Draco's a bigoted, xenophobic douchebag which should be a given but I never know. Warning for HP renditions of non-standard British accents. (Think Krum.)
Author's Notes: Unbeta'd. I need to start getting in the swing of writing again. One day maybe I will write the scene mentioned near the end. Title from Rachael Yamagata's "Don't."

Queer as it was, Asteria could understand the younger witch. )
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Fandom's emphasis on Draco's cowardice never quite sat right with me. Sometimes it was obvious because in some instances it was overblown. Draco does show physical courage in the books. Quidditch is a dangerous sport and it would not be unreasonable to be afraid of it but Draco clearly isn't. He's excited to play and even Harry grudgingly admits he's a good at flying. Draco's also more than willing to get into duels even despite losing almost all of them. He shows no fear about starting or engaging in petty acts of violence even when really it would be common sense at this point.

Rowling once said that his lack of "moral courage" was his failing and this is consistent with what we see in the books. He delights in the status he is given by his background and his family's wealth and lords that over other people. He is all about maintaining the status quo that has served him and his family well and goes to no trouble to question the prejudices he was raised with or the society around him. Why would he? The world was created to favor people like him, he was raised to believe he was entitled to a certain station in life by the circumstance of his birth, and these ideas are repeated by his family and friends. He is unwilling to kill Dumbledore and reluctant to turn over the trio or fight them when they meet again in the RoR but after everything that just seems more like his conscience is finally awaking after a long slumber than any sort of her courage.

His arguably bravest act in the books - pulling Goyle to safety in the RoR and making certain he was safe before taking Harry's hand - is more an example of physical courage than moral courage. Unless someone is completely morally bankrupt, it's easy to care about your friends and family. And Goyle is his friend even if their relationship isn't exactly comparable to the one Harry shares with Hermione and Ron. Goyle and Crabbe had always helped Draco and been loyal to him and when the time came, he tried to repay that loyalty.

So Draco is not a truly brave person. In some ways he's the inverse of Neville Longbottom who is something of a coward in the earlier books when faced with physical danger but, pushed forward by his innate moral courage, becomes a truly brave person. And fandom recognizes this so what is my issue?

Sometimes, I get the feeling there's this idea that cowardice is his one flaw. That he's this Greek Tragedy in Harry Potter that he could be so great and do so many great things but oh, his one great flaw!

And that's not my take on him.

My take on Draco is that he's above average at best. That while his actions may make him a foil for Harry, Draco the person is more Ron's foil. He's the Everyman, Bad Guy version. He's not particularly ugly nor is he amazingly handsome. He's tall, blonde, tends to be thin, with pointed features and gray eyes. This could be a sign of his aristocratic breeding or he could look like a washed-out ferret, depends on how you feel. He's clever but he's not especially diligent. He doesn't create new spells like Snape, teach himself complicated potions like Hermione, study some unknown are of magical theory like Luna and her cryptids. It's not even clear how well he does in school, we only know of him receiving three O.W.L's and that's less than Harry and Ron. Maybe he received more but maybe he didn't. And when it comes to magic, he does well when he's instructed but again it's not like he's becoming an Animagus at 15 without instruction or casting the Patronus charm at 13. He manages to copy some of the spells Hermione does and makes his own adjustments and he fixed the Vanishing Cabinet so he has skills. They're just not particularly remarkable. He's clever but no genius. As for Quidditch skills? Well, he's no Charlie Weasley. The Slytherin team wins some and loses some with him as Seeker.

The only thing that makes him stand out is being the sole heir to one of the wealthiest pureblood families in Wizarding Britain as well as heir to the "purest" and most renowned/notorious. Nothing he does makes him special.

Sort of makes sense why he is so eager to keep the status quo, hmm?

And being an (above) average guy thrown in to the extraordinary circumstances that was the Wizarding War and the events preceding it, he reacts in an average way. He caves. He doesn't want to. He wants to be fearless and perform great feats and win duels and distinguish himself as either one of Voldemort's most loyal or by openly defying the Dark Lord but he doesn't. It would means his death and the death of his family. Instead he keeps his head down and goes along with it, however reluctantly.

That's what most people would do. Look at real life examples, look at the Milgram Experiment. Most people will go with the flow. It's the ones that don't - the Andromedas, the Nevilles, the Rons - that are out-of-the-ordinary here.
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Title: More Than Our Abilities (Part 1)
Rating: PG-13
Length: 4200+
Character(s): Scorpius Malfoy, Rose Weasley, Draco Malfoy, Ronald Weasley, everyone else left alive at the end of DH
Warnings: WIP, exposition, language

The Waitrose trolley in the drainage ditch told Scorpius they'd come to right place. )
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Title: A Long Walk
Number: 001 Beginnings
Rating: Soft R
Length: 1400+
Character(s): Draco Malfoy, Asteria Greengrass
Warnings: Language, offscreen sex
Author's Notes: Based on the [profile] fanfic100 table.

001: Beginnings )
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Title: Grace Coming Out of the Void
Rating: PG-13
Length: 2,900+
Character(s): Draco Malfoy, Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall, Phineas Nigellus Black, Peeves, Newton Scamander, and various other Heads of Hogwarts.
Warnings: Language, mentions of character death, epilogue relationships, unplanned preganancies, and a reference to Pottermore canon.
Summary: Draco receives support from a surprising source.
Author's Notes: Written for [community profile] hp_holidaygen.

Grace Coming Out of the Void. )
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Gift For: [personal profile] ladielazarus
Title: Old Long Since
Author: [personal profile] bitchet
Pairing: Draco/Astoria and Rose/Scorpius. Mentions of Astoria/Oliver Wood. All canon couples mentioned by JKR are here, lurking in the background.
Summary: Astoria pulled away from him, her eyes searching his face as she said, “I thought we needed a change. Neither of us are the same people we were twenty years ago, why should we lead the same lives?”
Rating: NC-17
Length: 15,000
Warnings: One instance of breathplay, a scene that could technically be considered dub-con, and [highlight to read the spoiler]: Mentions of past infidelity – Draco/Gabrielle Delacour
Author's notes: I tried to create a costume drama atmosphere and include lingerie, bondage, sarcasm, and sex outside the bedroom in the story. I hope it works. Also, for purposes of this story, I've made Lysander Scamander slightly older than JKR intended and turned the Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts into a cross between Julliard and the RADA. Thanks to my beta, X , for all her help and patience!

Old Long Since )
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Title: Want
Author: [personal profile] bitchet
Pairing: Draco/Asteria
Rating: R
Word Count: 510
Author's Note: Written for the 28 Flavors Meme with the prompt "horny" and Draco/Asteria.

From the corner of his eye, he could see Scorpius pull at the high collar of his dress robes. )
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Title: Love that brings us here
Author: [personal profile] bitchet
Pairing(s): Ron/Hermione, Draco/Asteria, and Scorpius/Rose
Word Count: 1,700
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Disgusting amounts of fluff. Also wedding!porn.
Summary: Three couples, three wedding days, and the ties that bind them all together.
Author’s Notes: A Very Belated Birthday Gift for [ profile] i_am_girlfriday. As mentioned in other fics set in the same universe, the Greengrasses (including Asteria) are Jewish and Rose inherits Grimmauld Place after none of her cousins want it.

Today wasn’t the day they wanted it to be. )
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Title: Court This Disaster (Chapter 5: Part B)
Author: [personal profile] bitchet
Pairing(s): Draco/Asteria
Word Count: 1,500+
Rating: PG-13ish
Warnings: Wizarding racism?
A/N: There's probably a 5C on the horizon. It is unbeta'd so concrit and corrections are welcome!


Asteria stopped at the counter. )
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Title: The Prefects' Bath
Author/Artist: [personal profile] bitchet
Word Count/Media: 2,710+
Pairing: Draco/Asteria, mentions of past Draco/Pansy
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Draco's sneaks into the prefects' bath. Things don't go as planned.
Author's/Artist's note: Now with better formatting! I still don't know what I did wrong there. Thanks to my betas, written for the [ profile] dracoawards.

With one last look around, Draco walked over to the statue and whispered the words. )
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Title: Stages of Grief
Author/Artist: [personal profile] bitchet
Word Count/Media: 1,660+
Pairing: Mostly gen, some background Draco/Asteria
Rating: R for language and mentions of adult situations
Summary: Draco's not ready to lose his hair.
Author's/Artist's note: Inspired by the pictures for the movie!Epilogue. Now with better formatting! I still don't know what I did wrong there. Thanks to my betas, written for the [ profile] dracoawards.

Getting a bit thin on top, aren't we, dear? )
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Title: I can do anything better than you
Author: [personal profile] bitchet
Characters: Ron, Draco (background Rose/Scorpius)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 906
A/N: I wrote these over two years ago as part of a song challenge but never posted them. The song for this drabble was "Anything You Can Do" from Annie, Get Your Gun. Also, I don't know if I killed Asteria off in this or if it was just before I had accepted her into my heart as Draco's canon wife but she is mysteriously never mentioned.

As far as Ron was concerned, it was all Malfoy's fault. )
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Title: Salvaged
Pairing: Draco/Asteria
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 350
Summary: Draco has had a bad day at work.
Author's Notes: Written for [ profile] queenb23more and unbeta'd.

I don't want to talk about your day again. )
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Author: [personal profile] bitchet
Title: Comprehension
Characters: Draco, Hermione (Asteria, Ron, Rose, and Scorpius mentioned)
Words: 1,800+
Rating: PG-13
Author's Notes: Technically, this is Scorpius/Rose but also not. Probably gen.

Hermione didn't like him. )
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Title: Vignettes Going Nowhere
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Draco, Asteria, Scorpius (Draco/Asteria)
Word Count: 1,100+
A/N(optional): Written for a fic but then I decided I wanted to do something else entirely.

Hyperion? Do you hate our unborn child? )
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Title: Court This Disaster (Chapter 5: Part A)
Author: [personal profile] bitchet
Pairing(s): Draco/Asteria
Word Count: 1,500+
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Pure smut in this section.
A/N: This is one part of Chapter Five. (See this for more details.) It is unbeta'd so concrit and corrections are welcome!

You look nervous. )
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Title: And The Ashes Will Scatter (Chapter 3: Part A)
Author: [personal profile] bitchet
Pairing(s): Equal parts Draco/Asteria and Ron/Hermione with other canon pairings in the background.
Word Count: 1,500+
Rating: PG-13 for this part
Summary: The suspicious death of a former Death Eater while in Ministry custody kicks off an investigation.
Warnings: Language, angst, and death of a minor character.
A/N: This is one-half of Chapter Three. (See this for more details.) It is unbeta'd so concrit and corrections are welcome! The name "Nimbus Infinity" borrowed from [ profile] rotae and the idea for Hufflepuff's passwords taken from [ profile] vegablack62.

His wife had the most infuriating practical streak when it came to gifts. )
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Title: Have A Nice Holiday
Author: [personal profile] bitchet
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 609
Author's Note: Written for [ profile] hondagirll. Set in the same universe as More Than Our Abilities but it's not necessary to have read that to get this.

Scorpius rested his chin on his hand as he stared at the book in front of him.  )


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