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RIP Roxanne. 1997-2014

She was, in her own way, a good dog.
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+ Had a good time at trivia today, mostly thanks to the amazing sangria they had as we came in third. I did however laugh myself silly at one point. It was a category called "same name" and the question was something along the lines of: this term for a group of owls is also the name of a brand of cigarettes.

We rattled off all the cigarette brands we could think of with "Kools" coming up more than once and each time someone else say "kool with a k?"

So yeah, my next trivia team will be named a Kool of Owls.

+ I was thinking about areas in Chicago where I might want to live and I came up with a tentative list. Any Chicago people who may have suggestions, feel free to chime in. I'm looking more at the city but am open to the suburbs and I definitely want somewhere where there's lots of restaurants, bars, theater and access to public transportation.

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Welp, it's pretty close to official - the house is in foreclosure. Bank of America is willing to work with my brother for a payment of $22,000 but considering that they're already pulling stunts like mailing him things weeks later (he was supposed to get this information in June, he got it last week), I'm not optimistic. Actually, I agree with my eldest brother (Ray) that throwing more money at this would be stupid. Its time to get a lawyer and cut our losses.

So tomorrow we will all be meeting up for dinner and to discuss this. And I've already found a potential place near my work while looking online. I'm going to call them tomorrow and find out more about the place.

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[profile] akissinacrisis is writing R/Hr fic. Yes. This is not a test. Go here and track.

I know the HP fandom has been kind of dead so I will forgive you for not shouting this from your LJs - but flisters, when you find good R/Hr fic, it is your duty to share that. Hell, if I had the time I would create a [community profile] quibbler_report for "popular" (in 2005) pairings such as R/Hr and H/G because it is so hard to find that these days.

On that note, if you're an R/Hr fan and you're not following HalfASlug you should be.

Other fics I've read and enjoyed recently:

Act Two and its sequel Final Act His father was dead.

Before he was so caught up in the melodrama that was his own headspace that he didn't give thought to what had actually happened. So long ago he had shut off the part of his head that cared about the man that he had forgotten, where the memories of his childhood were stored. In the eye of the storm he couldn't possibly have seen the whole picture. Now it was like looking back at a different person, someone Draco felt sorry for.

But the person was him.

Pieces: A Story Cycle Teddy Lupin's hatred for his parents is like a hot, hard ball that always lives in the pit of his stomach, sometimes bigger and sometimes smaller, but never not there. He hasn't always hated them; when he was little and didn't know any better, he'd even loved them, thought of them as heroes, believed every good thing anyone had ever told him about Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin. But then he'd learned that his parents had chosen their deaths, their deaths over his life, because his mother had only had him five days before and shouldn't have been anywhere but in bed, but she went off to fight instead of choosing to be a mother. They hadn't been ordered to the battle, they hadn't been needed, they hadn't made a difference. They'd just died. They'd died and broken Granna into all those little pieces, and they'd left him behind to be an orphan for the rest of his life.

If you know of any good HP fics but especially fics with H/G, R/Hr, or D/A please tell me. Also, any fics with Harry's generation as parents.

+ I'm working on an HP writing project of sorts and I'm looking for a few good betas to help out. If you would be interested, let me know and I'll PM you.

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EDIT: Also have to mention All the Ways to Wound my Heart which is complete. It's R/Hr and H/G with past H/Hr.
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I quit my job last week.

They tell you when you quit your job to be sure you don't burn any bridges.

I didn't just burn my bridges. I salted the earth so nothing could ever grow again. )

I had a feeling this and this would be my theme songs this year. Reason I updated my journal/tumblr back in January.
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+ I said this on Tumblr and I'll say it here - I still don't know why I'm supposed to hate Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, or Kristin Stewart. Also, I find is presh how fandom tries to dress up its random misogyny as social justice or something more meaningful than them just finding one of three annoying and overrated.

+ Also, knowing that Seth McFarlane is dating Emilia Clarke (aka Daenerys Targaryen), I have to say I'm really proud of her commitment to her character and her craft as an actress. She clearly is aware of Dany's future relationships and is trying to understand what it means to be douchesexual.

+ I have pretty much dropped Community and Happy Endings due to both of them annoying me more often than they amused me. Also, I realized I got bored with Downton Abbey as soon as Mary's secret was known by everyone. I might start watching it again if Edith gets up to some lolzy shenanigans or Mary's new beau is interesting but eh.

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And now, the meme, which I stole from everyone...

-Comment with "Winter is Coming"
-I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
-Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
-Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions. (If you want. Totally optional.)

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