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Apr. 5th, 2017 08:40 pm
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Fuck Putin.

Fuck Trump.

Fuck LJ and ther stupid new TOS.
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I did a cull of my flist and removed everyone who hasn't posted since 2015. Some of y'all may have posted behind a lock or your journal may currently be taken over by Russian trolls who can't figure out to turn off the auto-private settings. Idk.

Anyway, if you're still here but lurking or whatever, let me know.
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According to my Trump supporting family who had no issue supporting her husband in the 90′s:

- She had the Mothers of the Movement on stage with her.

- She supported BLM.

- She talked about “systemic racism” and white privilege.

- She did not make enough concessions towards white people and white men in particular.

- She got up on stage and hugged a man they hate beyond all reason and whose past 8 years in the Oval Office they see as a very affront to them.

This isn’t about Hillary being imperfect or not being liberal enough. This is about Hillary having the audacity to tell white people “you’re not the most important people here” and that was a slap in the face they couldn’t ignore.
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So let's have a real life post before I go into my feelings about all my other fandoms,

- My mom is currently in the hospital. She fractured her hip last week. The recovery rate for elderly people who have experienced hip fractures is not exactly great, a fact I tried to convey to my brothers. However, they both assumed I was just scared or worried even though I was very calm and straightforward and they brushed it off. They then returned to their normal behavior whenever one of parents is seriously ill - the eldest one acted like it was no big deal and it would be fine while the middle brother just didn't talk about it much.

They were going to release her on Tuesday but just like I told them would happen - and as anyone could have predicted as we are talking about a 74-year old chainsmoker - the hospital found a small blood clot and is keeping her indefinitely.

I think my brothers are taking me a little more seriously now about this but that could change. Obviously, there's very little we can do about this but it's just frustrating at how they never fucking learn.

- As mentioned back in July, I moved to my own apartment. I am still in the process of decorating it but I will post some before and afters so you can all enjoy my questionable taste.

- And I just started using my DailyKos account again which can only mean one thing - election season is upon us! Who I am voting for in 2016? Hint: It will be a Democrat.

As the Republican party continues its decades-long spiral into insanity, I will never consider casting a vote for a Republican at a local, state, or national level. They need to be cut off at their knees and forced into becoming a saner center-right party and that won't happen until they lose the White House for a long time, lose their advantage on SCOTUS, lose the Senate and lose the House. The last will be the hardest to achieve but I am hopeful SCOTUS's ruling on Arizona State Legislature v. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission will make it possible to affect some real change in the next decade.

All that said, the real choice for me is between Bernie and Hillary. Surprisingly, for those who remember my feelings in 2008, I am leaning Hillary. I know she has been all over the map on some issues and is known for making the politically expedient move but I also think she is devoted to the Democratic Party and, on a more base level, devoted to establishing her legacy as a great liberal champion.

Which, hey, let's be honest, everyone who runs for president has a huge fucking ego. Hillary's has just been more obvious for the start. Plus, it's actually a good thing that her negatives are so well known as it makes it easy to know where the basement is when it comes to her support. Her campaign this time around seems much stronger and - should Bernie win either (or both) Iowa and New Hampshire - I don't get the sense we will see that catastrophic implosion in 2008. She also has a stronger record and enough time has passed that she isn't seen as just a former First Lady but a Senator, turned SoS, who started as the First Lady. I think her willingness to work with Obama really helped her and helped her image with a lot of Democrats.

We know she intelligent and tough. The Republicans have had a witch hunt on her since 1992 and she only continues to rise. Benghazi and emailgate really only worked with those who are already pretty anti-Hillary to start with so there's nothing lost there. She can only gain support from here on out.

And as far as I'm concerned my real goals in any presidential election are - 1) Prevent a Republican from appointing anyone else to SCOTUS (Ginsburg is 82 and Breyer is 79) so we can get a liberal-leaning SCOTUS and soon; 2) Destroy the Republican party that currently exists for reasons mentioned above; 3.) Create a stronger Democratic party. Due to gerrymandering and the fact that the Republicans had a 20 year head-start at focusing on the local level, this means winning the presidency; and 4.) Moving the Overton Window further left so we can attacking the Corporatism and Imperialism that is choking the country and giving us a New Gilded Age. As any Democrat who is not actually Ted Cruz in a mask could help make this happen, I would actually vote for someone's beloved Golden Retriever if it came down to that.

So I am definitely not anti-Bernie. He has a solid record that is actually better than Warren's on liberal issues. (I, as all liberals must, love Elizabeth Warren but it kind of kills me that people bring up teenie!Hillary campaigning for Goldwater when Warren identified as a Republican until 1996 which was 16 years after she definitely should have known better.) And I really admire how he has continued focusing on his work in the Senate even while campaigning. Something Obama and Hillary kinda let slide in 2008.

My concern with Bernie is I don't know if he can win. And yes, for Bernie supporters that must sound insane just the way it sounded crazy to me in 2008 when people said the same thing about Obama. He'll win if you support him, duh!

Well, no. If he is seen as a real contender and not just as the Democratic Party's Wacky Uncle as he is now, then the media will go after him. I'm not talking about ignoring online polls that have all the accuracy as a poll asking for TV's hottest couple. I mean the way they went after the Clintons and the Obamas. No one in his life will be left unscathed - not his wife, his parents, his former teachers or lovers, not even his children. They will tear that man apart and reveal every ugly thing they can find and make sure that's all people remember when it comes to him. It will be nothing less than a daily character assasination played out for several months and I don't know if Sanders can survive that.

Hillary has survived it for 20 years. Obama has survived it for the past several. Speaking of Obama, while I supported him from the moment he announced his candidacy, I still expected Hillary to get the nomination. I even expected it after Iowa. It wasn't until that March when the Reverend Wright tape surfaced and Obama's candidacy could have died right there that I realized something about Obama.

He could win. He knew how to outrun and outlast and he proved it again and again during that campaign. Which is good thing because he would have to prove it again and again for the next several years. I have no doubt that the Republican Party wanted to impeach him on day one just like they did with Bill just like they recently tried to pre-impeach Hillary with Benghazi.

And just like they will Bernie if he is the nominee.

Despite what the actual polls say, it's very early and he could still win Iowa, New Hampshire, and beyond. And when that happens, the real test of his support and his candidacy will happen. Unlike some, I do think he is more savvy than some of his supporters would indicate. While this might be the first rodeo for them, it's not for him. He did a good job handling that gun question in the first debate by moving center on an issue that will definitely give Hillary some trouble down the line. He could win this. But I'm going to need some proof of that before I support him.
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So many real-life and fannish things to share but let's start with the news that came out on Friday:

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child officially opens at the Palace Theatre London in July 2016, with preview performances from late May 2016.

Based on an original new story by J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a new play by Jack Thorne. It is the eighth story in the Harry Potter series and the first official Harry Potter story to be presented on stage.

It was always difficult being Harry Potter and it isn’t much easier now that he is an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic, a husband and father of three school-age children.

While Harry grapples with a past that refuses to stay where it belongs, his youngest son Albus must struggle with the weight of a family legacy he never wanted. As past and present fuse ominously, both father and son learn the uncomfortable truth: sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places.


Since I really only got into fandom after DH, I've never had any of my HP fanon Joss'd before. Now it's all game and that's a bit frightening. What will become of Rose, Al, and (most worrisome for me) Scorpius? What if JKR's H/Hr trolling last year actually had some deeper meaning? What if Draco and Astoria aren't totally in love?

On the other hand, I've done pretty well at creating a little world that jibes pretty well with everything JKR has mentioned so maybe that streak will continue. Maybe this play will exceed my wildest expectations.

Time will tell.
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- The long-awaited move is done! The house went up for auction in late June and while the sheriff wouldn't officially be kicking anyone out until Septemberish, I decided to get going. I wound up at a complex I had my eye on for a while and the best part is - it's 5 minutes from work. No more two hours in traffic for me \o/

The next hurdle is decorating the place. I can paint but can't get rid of the wall-to-wall carpeting. I still have a few ideas but it will take a while before I get the place looking how I want it.

- The cats have finally settled in. The little one still races across the patio window every once in a while as he's spooked by it. And my fatty cat loves nothing more than rolling around on the carpeting - it's probably his favorite thing about the place. They have taken to the change well but still have their moments of acting out such as:

- Crying because I wouldn't let them sleep in the dishwasher
- Crying because I was running a bath (and then because I was taking a bath).
- Crying because I wouldn't let them chew on the power cord plugged into the wall.
- Crying because they saw another cat in the mirror that kept staring at them.

And, of course, the occasional skirmish with the blinds.

- Work has been fine.Wanda, my former-coworker from hell has left. Word is she's working with another company in Customer Service - the perfect punishment.

As for me, I've been working with my German Intern, Alena. A big aspect of my job is training the rotating German interns that come through here. Alena came in late February and will leave in August. I will be sad to see her go, she's very pleasant and always has an interesting story to tell about her misadventures in America which so far include:

- Being harassed while waiting for a bus near the United Center. Some dude drove by and told her to get in his car. When she refused, he got out and tried shaking her and yelling at her to get in his car. At that time the bus arrived but the driver thought the crazy guy was with her and refused to let her on. Luckily some other passenger decided to stay with her to wait for the next bus and the guy who was harassing her just left.

- Going to White Castle with her German intern buddies because they believed White Castle had the best hamburgers ever. The best part is that at first, they tried to convince themselves these were in fact the best hamburgers ever because they were all afraid to admit they didn't like them.

- Found an apartment (via Facebook groups) in Scotland for her next internship. Sent them $700, via Western Union, when they asked for several hundred more to be wired to their "lawyer in Nigeria". Yeah. On the bright side, I taught her how to do a reverse image search so she can find the sources of any pictures posted online. The pictures for the alleged apartment consisted of two showroom photos and one photo from a popular inn.

- Our boss (Sally, for the hell of it) - who is "so American" according to Alena due to Sally's tendency to speak very loudly, smile all the time, and be very health-conscious - decided that Alena should date another German intern who was stationed in our NY office. Sally didn't just suggest that, she had found Mr. Right, she made Alena call him and had even given her "things to talk about." Best of all? Sally had already spoken to NY intern so when she called - as instructed - he answered with "Alena? Yes, I know you. You're the one Sally wants me to date."

Sally has told Alena that she would like to be invited to the wedding.
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It is I, Bitchet! I am not dead! Sorry if you were hoping to earn that sweet, sweet free paid time by luring me back to LJ but you should have moved faster.

Real Life Stuff

- To follow up on my exciting work stuff from my last post, I finally received my offer letter for a permanent position at the job I've been temping at for over a year.

So I work at das Boot in Inside Sales, as mentioned. I got out of the Ocean Export Gateway just in time because they decided to make that horrid hosebeast Wanda a manager. Not manager over the entire department, no. They chose some young Boyd Holbrook looking dude. We'll came him Drago. Drago is a really intense guy but considering he came here as a refugee from the Balkan wars, that's probably
to be expected. His Red Bull-and-alcohol-fueled intensity aside, he doesn't seem like the type to put up with Wanda's shit. A good thing since the week before he moved over, she was still taking people into the backroom to (literally) scream at them for "disrespecting" her.

I've also been informed by my buddy Pamela, who is unfortunate enough to have Wanda as her boss, that I have been banned from coming up to talk to Pamela because it "looks bad". Which both Pamela and I interpreted as, she really hates me and hates that she can't punish me for it. She was so
looking forward to either firing me or having me under her thumb. Poor Wanda.

So anywho, one of the temps who got a position in Ocean Export that I wanted, the Randall Park-looking dude, left. He is getting married this August and someone else was willing to bring him on as a direct hire. I'll miss him but it's a smart choice. That said, I let my current manager know that while I greatly preferred Sales, there was an opening I was qualified for in Ocean Export and I was being asked to consider it. Not by Drago, though he did ask me how happy I was where I was. And my manager tried to play it off by
pointing out that I "didn't really want to go back," which I admitted was true. But I told her "what I want and what I need are two different things," so she got the point.

And I got my offer letter, as Sales Coordinator, and will be making about 10k more a year. \o/

- Another great thing about my job is I get to work with one of the Trade Lane Managers who I find crazy hot. I call him "German Jesus" because he's German and looks like this dude.

- My brother got a job! He was part of a group that sued CPS for wrongful termination and he won. They reinstated him, at a different school, and he got a raise. No word yet on back pay but we're not too optimistic. Still, it's great news.

- Still don't know when my moving date will be.

Fannish stuff. Spoilers for season finale of Reign, next episode of GoT, and Age of Ultron. )
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Title: For Blood, For Family
Characters: Lucius Malfoy
Summary: Whatever confusion Lucius had at these words disappeared quickly enough as the talk turned to betrothal ceremonies and engagement announcements. He was to be married to one of the Black girls.
Rating: PG
Author's Notes Inspired by [personal profile] in_the_blue's prompt. Also crossposted over at The House of Malfoy.

Duty to our families, to our blood, must come first. )
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JKR's new stuff about Draco. )

In real life, work has been seriously weird which is why I haven't been around much. Still a temp and my direct manager quit as did the director she reported to. Their last days were last week. Have no idea who is replacing either and technically, I meet the minimum requirements to replace my direct manager. But it seems a bit presumptuous of a temp to apply to the job.

(Which doesn't mean I won't. Just that I'm taking a wait-and-see approach.)

Also, I have Chromecast, which I love and want to marry. That was my Christmas present to myself and the best $25.00 I've spent recently.

Did everyone else have a good holiday?
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Two - TWO - Memes For the Price of One!

1.) The Fanfic Meme - borrowed from [personal profile] in_the_blue

So I love doing the holiday ficsevery year, and I'm opening up the requests post again. Pick a date, a fandom or storyworld, and a prompt, and I will write at least 300 words for you and post it on that day.

Pick a Date. )

2.) The Content Meme - borrowed from everyone on DW.

Pick a date in December and give me something to talk about. TV, books, movies, fandom, writing, science, publishing, food, travel, fictional characters and all of their feelings, cuddly animals, whatever.

Any date! )

And, of course, feel free to pick more than one for either!

As most of you know, I am on tumblr and I recently started a blog to try to work on some of the Malfoy headcanon I have still floating around. It's called [personal profile] the-house-of-malfoy and I apologize right now for the shitty graphics. I finally got my hands on a newer version of PSP so hopefully there will be some improvement.

I hadn't updated in a while but I do have something for the Black sisters and Lucius that I am working on. As well as another family tree. Because I am deeply insane, I have charted back the family tree through several centuries.

And I know I am one of the people killing fanfic and fandom by saying this but I really do like the tumblr idea of writing up a few story notes, slapping some filtered pictures on it and calling it a day rather than bothering with the 50k word epic.

(I also prefer a lot of things about HP fandom in general on tumblr.)

Also, it only took 33 years but I finally figured out how to have decent looking skin. It turns out I was drying it out and I did need to moisturize it more. Thanks you, r/skincareaddiction. I still get the occasional pimple but they're now small things that start out half-deflated and disappear quickly rather than the cystic monsters that linger for weeks and sometimes breed.
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Finally got my computer up and running so I am still working on responses to the last post. Thank you to everyone who commented or just read my long wall of whining text.

Real Life:

- We had Thanksgiving at work today so everyone brought in an item and we ordered a turkey and all sat in the conference room to chow down. Being the attention whore that I am, my first thought was to do the stuffing so I asked my brother for the ~secret family recipe~ (aka Basic Yankee Stuffing) and he offered to make it for me since he was making some for a few friends and for next week! Awesome.

Except not.

He made my work batch first and, thankfully, did so in a separate batch from the rest. I say thankfully because apparently the pre-made chicken broth I had bought had gone rancid and he had dumped it in to the stuffing without smelling it first. He brought me what was left in the carton along with the completed stuffing. The smell of the broth in the carton was so
bad that I actually cut it open to examine the inside because I could not understand how it happened. It had not been opened before and the expiration date was June 2015. Unfortunately(?), I had to rule out mold as there didn't appear to be anything growing in the carton.

The five pounds of stuffing he'd made smelled fine and he said he'd had some over an hour ago and felt okay so I was hoping somehow, magically, the stuffing would turn out and whatever had gone wrong had been killed during the two-day cooking process. So I had a plate.

It tasted fine, if a little salty. It did seem a little off but I wasn't sure if it was the rotted meat stench of the chicken broth still lingering in my nose or my own paranoid brain. I kept eating. After about six or seven bites with me holding it in my mouth like I was at a wine tasting I figured out that it wasn't the taste, it was the aftertast that was the biggest issue.

I became certain of this after I burped and my mouth was filled with pure foulness that was no longer hidden under Accent and sage.

So into the trash went five pounds of food.

And I spent five hours last night after work whipping up my own batch of stuffing (using bouillon cubes for the broth) and baked mostaccioli. Both of which were a hit at work.

The Important Stuff

Which, of course, is TV and other fandom-y things.

Selfie: Good night, sweet prince. I really wish this show had been on NBC as it would have at least had two or three seasons no matter how shitty it became.

Fuck you forever, Dan Harmon. Harold and Amy Pond had amazing chemistry and I was growing to love her character. Also, John Cho looked a-mazing in equestrian gear.

The Walking Dead: Is actually kind of good! I stopped watching in the second season because all the women were crap, Andrea was becoming crap, Shane was still alive, and all the black people were dead. But mainly because of Shane, I hated his ass. Now, there are actually a few badass
female characters and *several* black characters who will sometimes be in the same scene together! It's madness.

Reign: They mentioned the fighting between the Protestants and Catholics, the Bourbons, and Claude! It's just so precious when they mix real history in with teenage soap.

Elementary: TPTB, being morons who hate joy, have decided to stress that there is ABSOLUTELY nothing sexual or romantic between Watson and Holmes. My only solace is that Johnny Lee Miller has decided to disregard that interpretation of Sherlock's feelings for Joan.

Sleepy Hollow: I am honestly okay with the inclusion of Katrina and Hawley as I love the idea of a whole group working together beyond just Abbie and Ichabod.

However, I am not onboard with the sidelining of Jenny and Irving and I think Joe Corbin Jr. and Ichabod's historical reenactment friend would have made better additions to the group.

How To Get Away With Murder: My thoughts on #whokilledsam. )

Finally, the real-life whodunit on the Serial podcast. )
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I really did not mean to stay away from LJ for over three months. Though if
you were going through withdrawal, I can be found on tumblr. Though I haven't been posting too
much on there either, mainly due to ongoing computer issues among other
things as described below.

So I've decided to be proactive and have my mid-life crisis early! )
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I have stuff to write about but I'm tired so all you are getting is this from the most recent episode.

Draco Malfoy: Secret Targ.
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Random theories about Sansa. Spoilery for all books. )

Random theories about changes between the show and books. Spoilery for ASOS, AFFC, and ADWD. )

And that's about all for this post. In real life, I've been doing so many phone interviews and OKC chats that I expect to get them hilariously confused at some point.
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Important Fannish Thoughts:

Game of Thrones: S3 wasn't as great as it could have been and yet, I find myself excited for next week. Bring on the Martells!

Community: I have no idea why I'm still watching this show tbh. Spoilers )

Shameless: I still have yet to start watching this show and I'm not sure why that is as I'm very curious to see how they depict Canaryville so I can mercilessly nitpick it and am also amused that the title characters share my mother's maiden name. I'd say that's a coincidence but as one of the show creators grew up with my brothers - nah.

Reign: This show is so amazingly dumb and I love it. Spoilers )

True Detective: I was bored one night and caught the fifth episode of this show and was immediately hooked. I totally get the criticisms about the portrayal of female characters and the blatant ripping off of Hannibal but I loved it. The partnership between Rust and Marty just sold it. And unlike half the internet, Spoilers )

Brooklyn 99: The season finale actually surprised me!

Elementary: I am so not feeling this second season. My problem with getting into Sherlock is that sometimes the acting and story devices are so incredibly hammy as if they're going "look, I'm Pumpernickle Cabbagepatch slumming on the telly, isn't that funny?" that it just grates. It's just too "wink-wink" over-the-top as it goes on. And at the opposite end there's Elementary, taking itself so fucking seriously until you just want to give it a good shake and say "you're just a tv show get over yourself!" But no, it just gets more dry.

Hannibal: Spoilers )

Marvel & DCU: I really need to see Winter Soldier soon and I'm very hopeful that we might see a Wonder Woman movie soon. Please don't let it suck.

Harry Potter: Thanks to that interview, I have an idea for some Ron/Hermione fic dealing with their therapy sessions. And by therapy, I mean sex. I just need time to write it.

Real Life - Work, Sex, Kittens )
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Everyone will be wanking about the Harmonians "being right" (honestly, she spends more time talking about the movies than the books that it's hard to say) but I'm more disturbed by the fact that the Slytherfen were right about JKR and all her issues.

I was one of JKR's ardent defenders as many of you know but I just ... wow. It is just a mess of her projecting her insecurities all over the place.

I can't even take it seriously, tbh. It's done nothing to my feelings about Ron/Hermione, mainly my reaction is this:

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Real life. Warning: Sad animal stuff. )

+ OMG JKR IS SUCH A TROLL. I don't even know. On some level I'm annoyed and doing the kind of armchair psychoanalyzing of her that would make a Snapefen proud. (Like oh, her husband is like Harry and H/G are soulmates but when she was newly-divorced she wrote about her self-insert ending up with her bff whom she based off of her childhood bff? OK NOW.) And I really doubt she will actually say anything about regretting Ron/Hermione just how she wrote them (because they were kind of crap around HBP) and not that H/Hr is endgame but that they're so similar being up their own asses with their savior complexes and all but they need someone like Ginny and Ron because they help them get out of their heads or blah blah blah whatever.

If she actually does think it was a mistake, I'm totally blaming Kloves. And her stupid insistence on prioritizing movie canon over book canon. Hermione punched Draco? Lycanthropy isn't about mental illness but now it's about AIDS even though you made the character straight? Non-existent Ginny in book 7 along with Luna's stagnant characterization in that same book and Ron going backwards? Okay.

But bless her trolly ways, she gave me the most fun I've had in days.

+ So... now that R/Hr is the underdog ship that is unfairly bashed by its creator, fandom will stick to its contrary ways and start writing more R/Hr right? Right?


+ I have a couple of fics I meant to finish but dog-related things came up. Honestly, that last month I decided anything that wasn't related to work wasn't necessary and I would spend all my time with Roxie. I don't regret it. But I was a total flake on [community profile] smutty_claus both as a writer and a recipient and I actually wrote apologies to both the person who wrote for me and my giftee for my crappy ways. [personal profile] drcjsnider already knows she's getting a Draco/Rose (with some other pairings she may find interesting) as an apology. I couldn't write it for [community profile] smutty_claus because it was very obviously a sequel to another fic and there was no way around that.

And with this news, I may also write that smutty Ron/Hermione idea that's been rolling around in my head for a while.

+ Seriously though, check out [personal profile] idea_of_sarcasm's Draco/Asteria fic A Potion by Any Other Name.

"I want to help you."

Asteria was well and truly disconcerted, "With what?"

"With Draco." With that, Pansy tossed the vial at her, and in her slightly less than cognizant state she had to desperately fumble around five times to finally catch it, even if it was barely clasped between her fingers when she was done.

"He loves me," Pansy said simply, as if it was a matter of fact and not a simple matter of hubris, "no matter what else has changed, he still loves me. But I'm not quite right, for him, for his family – rather, my reputation isn't, my lack of family galleons isn't. It's what he proposed to you for, you know, for all that. You have those things, but breeding as well so he doesn't have to put up with something as uncouth as a Weasley. It's not said to be cruel Asteria, but to clarify."

Leave her some love. It's awesome and deserves it.

+ Assuming it was prompted, which is a big if, I hope to see lots of defiant Ron/Hermione for the 15th porn battle. Don't let me down again, fandom!
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RIP Roxanne. 1997-2014

She was, in her own way, a good dog.


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